One system for all things commute

Commuter benefits software built for employers to better serve today’s commuter. Luum unifies all aspects of the commute – benefits administration, parking management, and engagement tools.


Transform your commute program
with confidence

Proven to reduce parking demand, streamline benefits administration, and improve the employee commute experience – Luum delivers unsurpassed value throughout your organization.

You're in good commute company

Connect the dots
across your organization

Traditional approaches to managing commuter benefits are disconnected and lack visibility.

Luum's software unifies your commute program, while giving unprecedented visibility into program performance to better inform policy.


Engage top talent with your commuter benefits

Almost one in four employees has left a job because of their commute. Turn your commuter benefit program into a vital tool for attracting and retaining talent––one with measurable behavior change and ROI.

In the Luumlight

Why Incentives Alone Don’t Change Behavior

Forward-thinking organizations across the country are offering innovative commute benefits to shift employee commute behavior. Providing better commute options for employees means greater satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Achieving behavior change means reducing parking demand and parking costs, while improving the company’s bottom line. The intention is clear – it’s the approach that‘s misaligned. Recently, the focus has been on incentives. How do we offer the best and most creative incentives? How can we be certain that the chance to win a new bike or a few extra dollars in employees’ pockets will get them to adopt new commute modes?


Luum is
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