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Parking Management

Luum is the leading end-to-end parking management solution for employers seeking to automate and optimize their employee parking programs—with features that are built (and constantly being updated) to serve the very specific needs of your parking workflows.

Deep Integrations

Parking Hardware. Payroll. 3rd Party Mobility Providers. Single Sign-On. Agnostic and all about API's, Luum integrates with existing systems and desired apps for a seamless, fully connected experience. 

Pre-Tax Benefits

Fully integrated into your commuter platform and digital wallet ready, the Pre-tax Commuter Card finally brings all commuter benefits under one roof. What's more: Employees can save up to 40% on commute expenses utilizing pre-tax dollars.

Gamification and Rewards

Create friendly competition with Leaderboards and Rewards. Employees earn Virtual Badges based on commute behaviors and logging commutes are simple with Commute Calendar.

Ride Matching

Streamline administrative workflows and bring all commute related expenses into one central management hub where. Let Luum handle the tax implications of the benefits based on policy.

Automated Marketing

Invite employees to explore commuter benefits on day one. Send targeted communications and campaigns based on commute preferences for higher levels of employee engagement.

Core Features:

Communication Tools

Easily create content, add branding, and send targeted emails to communicate the benefits of your commute programs to employees.

Transit card administration

Administer transit cards including: issuing, report a lost card, replacement fees and more.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Enable employees to request a subsidized ride home when they need it.

Commuter Communications_Connected Commuter Accounts

Complete Features

Parking Reservations

Luum’s Parking Reservation enables employees to find and reserve available parking near their worksite, for now or for later. Reserve a space in just a few easy clicks.

Expense Reimbursements

Streamline the process to track, report, and manage commute-related expenses. Better enforce policies and easy report generation.

Parking Applications & Waitlist

Manage your parking waitlist with Luum’s end-to-end parking application workflow including employee parking applications, send parking offers with automated reminders, manage access devices and assign parking permits.

Choose the Plan that's right for your business

We can help you choose the plan that’s right for your business. Contact our team to discuss your unique commute context and program goals; and to see if Luum’s product is a good fit at your organization.


Connect your employees with commuter benefit essentials.
  • ✔    Communication Tools
  • ✔    Commute Logging
  • ✔    Gamification & Rewards
  • ✔    Pre-Tax Commuter Cards
  • ✔    Ride Matching
  • ✔    Guaranteed Ride Home
  • ✔    Real-Time Parking Availability
  • ✔    Transit Card Administration


Comprehensive tools to optimize your commute programs.
  • ✔    Communication Tools
  • ✔    Commute Logging
  • ✔    Gamification & Rewards
  • ✔    Pre-Tax Commuter Cards
  • ✔    Ride Matching
  • ✔    Guaranteed Ride Home
  • ✔    Real-Time Parking Availability
  • ✔    Transit Card Administration
  • ✔    Parking Applications and Waitlist
  • ✔    Parking Charges
  • ✔    Parking Reservations
  • ✔    Expense Reimbursements
  • ✔    Commute Bonus

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