Commuter Benefits Reimagined

Introducing Luum’s Commuter Prepaid Card.

Now available to your employees.

Faster Access to Benefits

Employees will receive benefits immediately with Luum's Virtual Prepaid Commuter Card.  Luum can deliver employer subsidies on day one rather than waiting for the next pay-period to process – unlike other marketplace solutions.

Combine this with up to 40% in pre-tax savings and your commuter benefit program will be receiving 10/10 Would Commute Again reviews from employees.

Card Design
Prepaid and Expense

For Employers

For Employees

  • Access data insights, targeted communications, and gamification tools to maximize your employee participation
  • Higher participation equates to more payroll tax savings
  • Gain visibility into how employees are using your subsidies
  • Save money with a lower cost per active employee
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Performance enhancing benefits software

Traditional approaches to managing commuter benefits are disconnected, time consuming and lack visibility.

Luum's software unifies and streamlines the administration of commuter benefits for your employees. You'll gain unprecedented visibility into program performance and discover new levels of productivity.

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Please reach out with more information about your business. Luum's Commuter Prepaid Card is now accepting Early Access requests from US employers.

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