Data Insights and Integrations

Data empowers the employer to test incentive policies quickly, thus adapting where necessary to maximize behavior change. Luum provides reports on commute behavior, environmental impact, parking data, and feature use, etc.

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Commuter Reports and Integrations

Data-driven decision-making

All business decisions start with data. Luum’s near real-time data allows you to immediately see the impact of your program policies, incentives, and communications. Gain unprecedented visibility into employee commute choices, pre-tax elections, and overall program performance. Turn commute from an expense into a vital tool for attracting and retaining talent – with measurable ROI.

Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.


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Single Sign On

Luum supports the top single sign-on (SSO) providers in the market today. Our SSO integration improves employee experience because there is no need for an additional login and password. Making your commute hub feel like an extension of your organization's intranet—all with an extra layer of security.

Payroll Integration

Luum integrates with the largest payroll platforms on the market to easily reconcile commuter benefits. Luum’s payroll integration includes sophisticated knowledge of federal tax guidelines specific to parking and transit. This allows employees to see the financial impact of their commute behavior.

Roster Integration

Luum integrates with your HR platform to perform daily auto-updates of your current employee roster. This makes onboarding and offboarding of employees commuter benefits and parking assets more efficient and automated. Turning your hub into a new kind of CRM: commuter resource management. 

Other Luum Features for your consideration

Gamification and Rewards

Create friendly competition with Leaderboards and Rewards. Employees earn Virtual Badges based on commute behaviors and logging commutes are simple with Commute Calendar.

Ride Matching

Streamline administrative workflows and bring all commute related expenses into one central management hub where. Let Luum handle the tax implications of the benefits based on policy.

Automated Marketing

Invite employees to explore commuter benefits on day one. Send targeted communications and campaigns based on commute preferences for higher levels of employee engagement.

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