We have been inspired by the agility, resolve, and resilience of commute leaders around the country. From parking changes, vanpool reconfigurations, and biking rewards, our partners are using Luum to adapt their commute policies to the quickly changing landscape.

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Leading with Empathy: Revisiting your Commuter Communications Plan

Access our step-by-step guide to communicating with your employees at a time of uncertainty.

Make the transition to Daily Parking

In these extraordinary times, employers are quickly moving from monthly parking permits to daily parking and reservations. More flexibility. Less demand. Proven resiliency.


Growing through the challenges

Read on to learn about some of the innovative ways our partners are using Luum to weather this disruption, planning for the transition back to the office, and building resiliency to safeguard against future disruptions.

Flexible Parking, Safer Commutes

More employees will choose to drive alone to work when we return to the office. Luum’s suite of parking tools - including real-time parking availability, parking reservations, and customizable parking charges - will help you lower employee stress and manage parking demand.

Parking Management Software

ICYMI: Return To The Workplace Commute Planning

Of the 150 participants in our April forum, over 60% said that their commute program has risen in importance within their leadership in the past two months.

Join fellow employers from across the continent as we discuss return to the workplace best practices and policy adaptations. The next virtual discussion will take place on June 2nd at 9am PST.