Meet the Changing demands of Parking

Flexible Daily Parking

Flexible Daily Parking

Employee parking was a hot commodity before COVID. Now, we must prepare for an increase in parking demand as more employees drive alone. And on top of that, employees have far more flexible schedules, so the traditional monthly parking pass no longer jives with your employees’ needs. Use Luum to support the employee transition back to the workplace with a flexible suite of parking tools that make it easy to find, reserve, and pay for parking from your phone. With the implementation of formal telecommuting policies, employees need daily flexibility so they only pay for the days they park.


Real-time parking availability

Contactless payment direct to payroll

Daily parking charges

Daily parking reservations via mobile or web

Parking inventory and waitlist management

Parking Availability and Reservations

Parking Widgets

Arrive with Luum

Reserve Parking

Parking Commute Logged

Parking Details

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