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May 19 & 20, 2020 | Virtual Conference

Join us for the first ever

Luuminary Conference where you can learn best practices from industry leaders who have implemented major policy changes at their organizations, led employer TDM efforts in their cities, and greatly reduced drive alone rates for our collective environment. You are a vital part of this conversation.

Luuminary20 celebrates the organizations and partners that are laying the groundwork for the future of mobility through innovative commute and parking policies. Join us for an expert keynote, thought leadership panels, and in-depth breakout sessions with fellow leaders who, together, are reimagining commuter benefits. 

What to Expect

Keynote Address 


Tim Waldrop


Transportation Program Manager




Tim Waldrop is the Transportation Program Manager at Amazon and oversees employee parking and transportation programs at corporate locations in the US. Before joining Amazon, Tim previously worked at Apple, JLL and Tesla in the San Francisco Bay Area where he developed an understanding of the limits of scaling parking, the importance of transportation and housing contexts, and strategies for leveraging mobility options to achieve employee transportation goals.

Start Small, Achieve Big: How Amazon Reduced Parking Demand Amidst Colossal Growth

When starting a commute program, the most important thing to do is begin. Hear from Tim Waldrop, Transportation Program Manager at Amazon, about how the company started by solving one problem, and is now solving many. Take a deep dive into Amazon’s commuter benefit policies - their beginnings, evolution, and innovation - to learn how they got where they are today and their plans for the future of commute. By adding more daily choice with their ‘flexible commuter subsidy’ and shifting away from monthly parking, Amazon reduced its parking demand by 8.5% in 2019 amidst exponential growth in employee count. Tim will highlight the policy, technology, and partnership necessary for a broader impact —together — as we all drive (but not alone in a car) our organizations towards a future that makes commuter benefits the workplace norm. 

Employer Panel - Leading Change in your City

The power of partnerships, policy, and leadership

Hear from employers across the country who have been the first in their region to implement a robust commuter benefits program. In collaboration with local agencies, these employers are leading by example with bold SOV reduction goals. Learn about how they got started, areas for improvement, and achievements thus far. 

Breakout Session Topics

The Role of reliable data in behavior change

Learn how access to reliable and updated information can nudge employees to try a new commute. Discover how to activate this data as an underpinning of a commuter program specific to your workplace and your employees.

how to drive employee engagement without incentives

Uncover strategies from other employers that empower your employees to try alternative modes without a financial incentive. 

Get started by Aligning policy, mode and desired result

Get Started!

Make sure your commute policies align with your business goals. Every organization's context is different, so knowing where to start can be tricky. We'll walk through how to identify a target mode and policy to achieve a desired result.

Jumpstart your bike commute program

How do you assess and improve your bike commute program? Incentives? A Bike to Work Day celebration? Better bike parking facilities? Safe cycling education? 

In this breakout, Bikes Make Life Better will share how to build a bike program whether you just need the basics or want to reach platinum status.

driving demand for vanpooling

In this session, Commute With Enterprise will take you through the building blocks for a successful vanpool program starting with communications, engagement, and technology.

Building a culture of carpooling to reduce SOV

More information coming soon!

Employer Panel - Phased Policy Approach

How to balance big-picture vision with a practical start

Policy change doesn’t happen overnight. These panelists are experts in change management, planning, and behavior change. Hear from three employers who have thoughtfully crafted commute policy to meet the unique needs of their employees. They have balanced clear long-term vision with practical steps and a phased approach to commute policy innovation. Panelists will share strategies for getting started and/or continue to evolve their commute policies.

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