Commute Management Software for Hospitals

Positive parking experiences play a vital role in patient satisfaction. And an exceptional patient parking outcome starts with a healthy commuter benefits program for hospital staff. 

Stronger Data to Inform Hospital Parking Policies

As a champion for better hospital transportation policies and commuter benefits, you know that finding efficient ways to optimize (and prioritize) parking—while keeping staff happy—is crucial to your hospital's health and growth.

Discover transportation technology that will activate your innovative parking policies, while giving your team access to mobility apps and commuter benefits like never before—from easy to use carpool and vanpool matching to transit and Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) options.

Employee Vehicle Registration and Parking Assignment_
Commuter Calendar with Employee Daily Parking

Drop Your Drive-Alone On The Daily

Daily parking charges are proven to directly decrease the number of employees who drive alone, especially when coupled with incentives for alternative modes. With Luum, you have the option to charge daily parking rates, variable daily rates based on entry time, tiered parking rates which increase the more one parks, and monthly parking permits.



Transitioning to daily parking isn't without its challenges, just ask Oregon Health and Science University. But it can be a lot easier with the right technology partner in place.

Reservation For 5,000 (Or more)

When parking capacity is limited, daily parking reservations allow peace of mind for those who need to park on a given day and options for those not driving. This allows employees to select a parking location and the vehicle they will be driving to work on a given day by ensuring that they will have a spaceEmployees can reserve a specific a parking location via the Luum mobile app up to two weeks in advance.

Employee Parking Reservations
Employee Carpool and Vanpool

Carpooling Made Easy

Employees looking for a carpool buddy within their organization can utilize the self-serve ridematching tool. Employees can also search the existing database of vanpools to find and join the pool that best fits their commuting needs.

Admins can filter interested employees based on home address, worksite, and arrival/departure times – quickly forming new vanpools that work for employees.

Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.


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Keep Your Current Hardware in Place

We integrate with most parking vendors on the market, allowing you to keep your current access control systems in place and capture parking data across a wide range of equipment manufacturers and access control systems.

Parking Integrations and Locations_

Luum Features Built for Hospitals

Gamification and Rewards

Create friendly competition with Leaderboards and Rewards. Employees earn Virtual Badges based on commute behaviors and logging commutes are simple with Commute Calendar.

Ride Matching

Streamline administrative workflows and bring all commute related expenses into one central management hub where. Let Luum handle the tax implications of the benefits based on policy.

Automated Marketing

Invite employees to explore commuter benefits on day one. Send targeted communications and campaigns based on commute preferences for higher levels of employee engagement.

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