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Manage your end-to-end parking workflow with a new level of commute clarity. Luum integrates with existing parking hardware and software for ease of deployment and greater optimization across all parking programs.


Elevate employee experience

There is no such thing as free parking. Someone is always paying for it – whether it is the employee, employer, environment, or the city. Parking is expensive and requires a massive amount of square footage per car. Using software employers can provide a smoother employee experience while optimizing resources and utilization.

Offer innovative commute benefits

Through these efficiencies (think: automated parking offers, waitlist management, and daily parking charges) we have helped companies reduce their parking operations budget by 60% –– bringing the cost per stall down from $5 to $2 per month.

By reducing drive-alone rates, other employers have avoided building new parking garages (to the tune of 25 million dollars), recognizing that their real estate investments can be put to better use for their growing team.


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