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DC Area employers have a unique set of challenges when it comes to serving their commuters. Whether your organization has parking constraints, administration pains, or employee retention challenges—we are here to help.

Luum is SmartBenefits® compatible and brings your organization's commute—parking, benefits, mobility apps, communications—into one platform. With everything interconnected, program administration is simple - allowing you to focus on the policies and programs that your commuters deserve.

DC Law Compliance Is just the first step

Luum is more than just pre-tax commuter benefits. Experience a comprehensive platform capable of activating your innovative policies. One that delivers near real-time data insights to unlock that crucial feedback loop between program performance and ongoing policy updates. 

Manage your SmartBenefits® program through Luum, which is delivered to your commuters via the Smartrip® card and is also compatible for riding MARC, VRE, MTA Commuter Bus, MetroAccess, vanpools, carpools and more.

Our platform. Your brand, policies, programs and goals. So, actually, your platform.

Unlock commuter insights and understand program performance, so you can spark meaningful conversations around your ROI—and make a stronger case for budget allocation. 

Connect all your commuter data sources—parking systems, employee mobility apps and benefits—in the cloud with API integrations. 

Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.


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Level Up Your employee Commute experience

With an app and desktop experience, we'll meet your team where you are. Empower commuters with the flexibility and freedom made possible through monthly auto-elections of benefits cards, parking passes, subsidy allotments) parking reservations, transit card requests, parking passes, and more!

Find fresh ways each month to encourage and discourage commuter behaviors with rewards, challenges and leaderboards.


thriving commuter programs Capture better parking data

Parking integrations will produce accurate data, which is the foundation of a successful commuter benefits program. Let Luum data inform your parking policies to boost program performance and achieve long-term goals.

Luum integrates with your current parking access control systems to capture the data—and offer the visibility—necessary for driving your whole program forward. Surface lots? We have a solution for that too.

Join the Webinar

How To Build Your Best
Commuter Benefit Policies

Featuring: Seattle Children's Hospital

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
11 AM PT | 2 PM ET
Seattle Children's Hospital

Webinar Overview

An award-winning, employee-empowering commuter benefits program doesn’t happen overnight. With this in mind, Seattle Children’s Hospital built a culture of positive change through long-term planning and a sustained commitment to better commutes. Since 1995, the organization has reduced its drive alone rate by 54% by expanding mobility options for employees and implementing a series of commute policies, step-by-step. This plan has allowed the hospital to invest in what really matters: clinical space, not parking garages.


Presenter: Jamie Cheney

Director Of Transportation:
Seattle Children's Hospital

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